Coronation Street spoilers: Summer Spellman lies to Billy as she covers up health diagnosis

The following week on Coronation Street, Summer Spellman covers up her hospital diagnosis, which leads to her being caught up in even more falsehoods.

This evening, Harriet Bibby’s character Summer learns her boyfriend Aaron’s devastating truth when she sees him nursing a swollen lip.

He snaps at her when she questions him about his injury, but he subsequently apologizes and says that it was his drunken father who wounded him.

Aaron panics on Friday when Summer falls just before they are due to leave for their vacation.

Summer says she forgot to take her insulin by accident after she regains consciousness, and they return from the tram station together.

When they return to the apartment, Aaron peeks inside Summer’s luggage and is horrified by what he discovers.

The diabetic nurse sees Summer the following week, and she is advised to use a flash monitor, which Aaron supports.

According to NHS England, a flash monitor uses a sensor that is attached to the user’s upper arm’s back and worn outside the body to enable monitoring of glucose levels via a mobile app.

In a later conversation, Summer lies to Billy by claiming that she is ineligible for a flash monitor, but Aaron won’t listen.

He advises Billy to call the hospital instead to confirm what Summer has said.

Billy and Summer go to the Bistro the following day to celebrate Gemma and Paul’s birthdays. But when Summer catches Aaron staring at her, she becomes annoyed.

Summer decides to make up to Aaron for ruining their vacation together after he reassures her that he wasn’t keeping an eye on her.

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