Coronation Street spoilers: Summer Spellman collapses after receiving shock news

Summer Spellman is attempting to put the issue behind her and take some time off after attempting to cheat during her examinations.

However, the Coronation Street adolescent receives startling news the next week and collapses, putting her health in danger.

Harriet Bibby’s portrayal of the Weatherfield youngster is making the most of her time with her new boyfriend Aaron, and the two have a getaway planned.

Sadly, her health may still need attention, and it could even prevent them from carrying out their plans entirely.

Summer receives her exam results the next week and learns that she received an A* in both math and French.

However, the kid was given an X for her English exam since she was disqualified for lying.

Later, Summer is called by Aaron to be picked up for their vacation, and the couple gets ready to go, but Summer passes out just as they are about to depart.

In a panic, Aaron tries to assist her as best he can.

Summer tells him she forgot to take her insulin when she comes to when she regains consciousness.

Later sequences show how their holiday plans turn into a nightmare.

After telling Todd Grimshaw they missed their flight due to the mishap, Summer and Aaron return from the tram stop.

Aaron later searches through Summer’s bag in the flower shop apartment and is horrified by what he discovers.

She won’t be the only one who must reveal a secret, though.

After Aaron disclosed he had been beaten and bruised on the cobblestones, viewers began to worry that he might be mistreated by his father.
After Summer calls the garage and discovers the young man nursing a fat lip, their theory will be proven in scenes scheduled to run next week.

At first, Aaron is hesitant to answer her questions.

He ultimately acknowledges that his injury was caused by one of his father’s temper tantrums.

Aaron goes on to say that his father has a drinking problem and occasionally gets angry with him.

Will he be being honest with Summer?

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