Coronation Street spoilers: Summer clashes with Billy over abortion, new shock for killer Stephen

Next week on Coronation Street, Stephen will be in a desperate state as his murder cover-up falls apart and Summer won’t have the support she needs from Billy.

Here are the Coronation Street spoilers for October 24-28, 2022.

Audrey ruins Stephen’s plan

From Leo’s phone, Stephen is busy telling Teddy, the deceased’s father, not to get in touch with him again. To Stephen’s horror, though, Teddy says he’s coming to Canada to meet with his son in person.

Stephen is under pressure to acquire the money Gabrielle is requesting as her patience wears thin. He’s confident he’s discovered a means to obtain Audrey’s equity-release funds, but he’s unaware that his mother is about to make a significant revelation regarding those finances.

Pregnant Summer is left hurt by Billy

Esther will be seen trying to convince Summer not to undergo a termination by making her an offer of money.

But a horrified Billy tells Esther to leave after learning that she wants to buy Summer’s child. Summer is already feeling vulnerable, so when she learns from Billy that he doesn’t support abortion, she becomes even more unhappy. Later, Todd tells Billy that Summer needs his assistance; how will Billy respond to this?

Sam confides his worries

Sam is concerned that Harvey might write a letter while he is on vacation. So he decides it might be best to tell Nick the truth about the circumstance.

Sam confides his anxieties to Hope, who advises him against doing so since, in the words of her gaming buddy Mad Dog, “you should never tell adults any secrets.”

John Stape murder spree revisited

When Fiz gets a call from a writer who wants to write an article about John Stape, she is under a lot of stress.

The newspaper is serializing a book that is being released on the murderer’s heinous crimes. Theorem of Tyrone? All of this must be the work of that Phill.

Daisy and Daniel are left homeless

Daisy is taken aback when Bertie refers to her as “Mummy” on the anniversary of Sinead’s passing. Daisy is left wondering what this all means for her future after hearing this statement.

When Daniel says he wants the three of them to live together, she becomes even more agitated. However, one unintended result of the entire scenario is that Daisy and Daniel both believe they are moving in with the other.

So, while Daisy packs up in the bar, Daniel gathers his and Bertie’s possessions to travel to the Rovers. And by Friday, the miscommunication will leave the trio homeless, which is why Ken is proposing to house them at No. 1!

Eileen’s personality change

Eileen will fall over a pumpkin, crash into Gail, and pass out as the result of a Halloween-related accident!

While George and Sean run to Eileen’s rescue, they are taken aback by how cool and friendly she appears to be. Eileen explains afterwards that she saw a glimpse of heaven just after her accident and that ever since then, she has been serene and at peace.

However, George soon understands that what occurred to Eileen wasn’t at all a result of divine intervention. When he is compelled to tell her the truth, how will she respond?

Spider chooses Griff over Toyah

Griff extends an invitation to Spider and Toyah to attend a concert, but they first turn him down in favor of more alone time.

Spider is instructed to go to the gig after all after he raises the issue with his employer. Toyah is understandably upset when Spider informs her that he will now be spending the evening with Griff.

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