Coronation Street spoilers: Stu Carpenter hides dark family secret from Yasmeen Nazir as he finds his daughter

Stu Carpenter, a former homeless person, has been distant from his family for a while.

The Corrie favorite is concerned that one of his secrets will be revealed when Yasmeen Nazir tries to assist him in finding his daughter.

What was Stu Carpenter’s life like before he ended up on the cobblestones?

The adored character played by Bill Fellows made sure to conceal his past ever since he set foot in Weatherfield.

However, it gradually became clear that he had a daughter named Bridget who didn’t want anything to do with him.

The following week, Yasmeen Nazir (played by Shelley King) decides to bring the two of them together, but Stu is enraged and chastises her for interfering.

Given that he kept sending gifts to Bridget’s old address, he is not happy to learn that she has even discovered her new address.

As a result of Kelly Neelan’s intervention, Stu grudgingly decides to test it out.

When he knocks on Bridget’s door, she immediately becomes alarmed and tells him to leave.

Heartbroken, Stu pleads with her to listen to him out and claims that he has never hurt anyone, but to whom is he alluding?

As was already mentioned, Stu had kept his past private, but soon certain details came to light.

The Speed Daal chef was upset when he learned that his daughter had moved away without telling him. He had made it a habit to send his daughter gifts.

He ended up drinking during his shift at the Weatherfield restaurant as a result, and Yasmeen’s grandson Zeedan attempted to handle the situation by himself.

Zeedan even helped Stu avoid disciplinary action for drinking at work, an act that deeply touched Yasmeen.

At some point, Stu was forced to tell Yasmeen the truth about what had actually occurred.

Stu won’t be impressed to learn that he has some competition on the Street, aside from the secrets he feels the need to keep to himself.

Following Elaine Metcalfe, Stephen Reid shows interest in Yasmeen and tries to flirt with her, but the restaurant owner isn’t having it.

She makes it abundantly clear to Stu that she is only thinking about him.

Could this change once she finds out what he’s been hiding?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV.

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