Coronation Street spoilers: Stephen Reid’s GRIM crimes EXPOSED!

a devoted Jenny informs Stephen Reid that it’s time for him to move into the bar. When he learns that a body has been discovered on Ed and Ronnie’s construction site, his good spirits quickly turn sour. Stephen pretends to have a migraine while actually being tormented within.

Back at the bar, Stephen presses Ed for more information. When Ed says that it was unquestionably a man’s body, Stephen’s heart sank.

Later, Craig, who is in uniform, calls the tavern and informs Jenny that the body is Leo’s. Is Stephen’s game over, Jenny wonders in disbelief.

Ryan assures Peter that his workout videos are actually beginning to pay off as he wonders what he would do with his money. The stakes raised, a tense Ryan accepts a call and engages in sexually explicit conversation with the messager. After hearing Ryan having phone sex, Peter overhears and tells Carla that it is understandable why Ryan spends so much time in his room. Daisy is uneasy as she listens and approaches Ryan to inquire as to what is going on.

Todd and George’s relationship is strained as it becomes apparent that Lee is unqualified for the position but neither of them want to recognize it.

Dee-Dee announces the investor’s withdrawal from the construction project. Ed is certain that it is too late to back out, and Ronnie believes they should cut their losses. While watching the horse races alone, Ed’s heart is racing.

Paul discusses Shelly’s funeral plans with George and reveals that he has written some tributes to Shelly that he would like buried with her body.

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