Coronation Street spoilers: Stephen Reid loses everything as he is cast out by Audrey Roberts?

With his triumphant comeback to Coronation Street, Stephen Reid saved mother Audrey Roberts when she was in imminent danger.

As viewers are aware, the former mainstay returned in Weatherfield last month after his niece Sarah Platt called to let him know that Audrey’s drinking was out of control.

His unannounced entrance couldn’t have been more helpful because he saved Audrey when she became injured and imprisoned in the barbershop.

After Audrey had recovered in the hospital, her son, who she obviously loves dearly, unexpectedly showed there. This made Audrey very happy.

Stephen also pulled off the seemingly impossible feat of reconciling Audrey and Gail Rodwell (Helen Worth) after their bitter breakup.

It’s reasonable to say that almost everyone has welcomed his reappearance, but may he now be on the verge of losing everything?

Stephen, played by Todd Boyce, was seen filming scenes for the ITV soap on location.

In the new sequences, Stephen leaves a shop looking disappointed and a little out of luck. What specifically happened to cause him to feel this way, we wonder?

Has Audrey and the family maybe expelled him?

Was he returning to the cobbles for the right reasons, or did he maybe have another plan in mind?

If so, perhaps his shady business dealings have come to light.

He has an eye for the ladies, so that should be interesting, and there will be friction between him and the larger family, actor Todd teased in a statement about what viewers may anticipate from Stephen’s return.

“Watch this space.”

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