Coronation Street spoilers: Stalking horror for Maria, Kelly in danger, plus returnee revealed

Next week on Coronation Street, Maria’s whereabouts are traced, Kelly endangers her safety, and Sean’s son Dylan is back.

There will be complete Coronation Street spoilers for July 11–15, 2022.

Kelly in danger?

Kelly’s goal is to give her father’s stolen money back to the people he defrauded throughout the years. But may she be going to endanger herself in the process?

Kelly knocks on a door and gives a man named Ross an envelope of cash as she introduces herself as Rick Neelan’s daughter.

Ross calls a friend and tells him about Kelly’s visit after she departs. Will Kelly’s selfless deeds have an impact on anything?

Maria feels terrorised

When a frightening man approaches Maria and expresses how much he liked her internet video, Maria’s concerns are realized.

And things will grow worse when Maria receives information that her phone is being tracked. Fortunately, she locates and disables the tracking device.

Maria, however, can’t get rid of the feeling that she is being watched.

Craig then informs Maria in Friday’s drama that Jimmy has been found guilty of sending threatening communications.

Jimmy nevertheless approaches Maria afterwards and warns her that she will live to regret talking to the police.

Phill’s big gesture

There is a lot for individuals involved to process after the wedding. This requires Phill to make sure Fiz is aware of his true feelings for her.

His appearance outside Underworld with a boombox blasting and cards bearing the lyrics to Fiz’s favorite love songs is the result of this.

He unfortunately muddles the cards, much to the amusement of the factory girls.

Stephen fees unwelcome

Making his presence known, Stephen tells Sarah that the mill should be purchasing its silk from him.

Carla, meanwhile, believes that working with family never turns out well.

To add to the personal strife, Gail hosts a family lunch to welcome Stephen home, but when David and Sarah start arguing over Audrey’s finances, the event degenerates into a slanging match.

Stephen feels ashamed when Audrey eventually leaves, disgusted with the pair of them.

Sean’s son Dylan returns

Sean is encouraged by the prospect of his son Dylan staying with him and is hopeful that he and Frank will get along.

However, things go wrong when Dylan enters the café and assumes that George is Sean’s lover.

Sean is dismayed when Frank subsequently declines an invitation to supper on the grounds that he doesn’t want to interfere with Dylan’s first night.

Ed’s big shock!

At Debbie’s hotel, Ed gets electrocuted while working on a radiator. He is thrown backward and knocked out.

A horrified Debbie realizes that she has no idea when an inspection was last performed because Ray was constantly cutting corners as an ambulance is called.

And in the aftermath of the tragic events, Aggie will be seen shouting at Debbie for jeopardizing Ed’s life and warning her she’ll be hearing from their solicitor.

Abi is left hurt

Abi notices Wendy working on a laptop when they are at Wendy’s and starts to get worried.

Abi is upset by the notes Wendy has made about her when she later sneakily opens the computer.

Abi confides in Wendy that she really felt she’d been making headway with Alfie and is hurt by what has been captured on camera.

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