Coronation Street spoilers: Spider faces knife terror as he takes drastic action

In Coronation Street, Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock) has already demonstrated his willingness to risk his life and limb to uphold the law when an undercover police officer was hospitalized after Griff attacked him with a crow bar (Michael Condron).

Spider had infiltrated Griff’s extremist group with the intention of gathering enough proof to put an end to their vile acts and imprison them for a very long period.

Spider eventually led gang boss Griff to suspect him amid increasing violence and concerns about the impact the group was having on young Max Turner (Paddy Bever). As he arrived at the location of what he thought would be a meeting with Max, Griff attacked him with a crow bar.

Spider visits the prison to let Griff know that he wants to work out a deal with him even though Griff is now incarcerated since he is still searching for answers. He will receive a lighter sentence if he tells the authorities who has been providing financial support for the group.

Spider is astonished to learn that Griff has given him the name of Councilmember Len Cameron (Mark Murphy). Spider informs Griff that the ‘bargain’ he offered never actually existed and that he can forget about having his sentence lowered as soon as he had the name.

Griff becomes irate as a result. At a press conference, Councilman Cameron is targeted by Spider and his associates, who arrive fully outfitted in stab vests.

Griff may be securely behind bars, but there are still a lot of gang members around, and as recent events on Coronation Street have all too clearly demonstrated, the gang is ready and prepared to use guns to further their objectives.

Will the gang make an effort to prevent the arrest? Is Spider in imminent danger of death?

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