Coronation Street spoilers: Shona and David finished for good over ‘last straw’ behaviour?

According to the most recent Coronation Street rumours, David Platt will be dumped by his angry wife Shona after making a drunken move at Maria Connor.

This occurs as she came back to help David during his moment of need.

David tries to kiss Maria out of kindness after some tragic news regarding Max pushes him over the edge.

Shona will leave her spouse as a result of this.

Coronation Street spoilers: David makes a pass at Maria

David tries to find out how Max is doing despite Max’s refusal to visit him at the Secure Training Center.

When June, an STC officer, sees Max with facial wounds, she calls David.

He learns from June that Max has been beaten.

Later, Maria discovers David in Victoria Garden, alone and intoxicated.

She sits down to talk to him since she feels sympathetic to his situation.

Maria tells David to go home after he moves in for a drunken kiss.

Alya is visited by David, then Shona walks into the eatery.

She reassures David that they will deal with everything together going forward.

Gary is informed by Maria that David tried to kiss her.

What will Gary do?

Gary drops David in it

Gary discovers David and Shona in the Rovers and is upset.

He confronts David while also telling Shona.

Shona rushes out of the Rovers in anger.

Gary learns that David was intoxicated and that he regrets trying to kiss Maria.

Shona dumps David

Shona informs David that she is leaving him at her house.

The following morning at breakfast, a dejected David informs Gail that Shona has left him.

Maria later assures Shona that David’s inebriated pass had no significance.

Will Shona extend a second opportunity to David?

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