Coronation Street spoilers: Sharon Bentley returns after Imran tracks her down?

Sharon Bentley (Tracie Bennett) of Coronation Street was last seen in June, following the tragic drugs storyline with her nephew Harvey Gaskell (Will Mellor).

Sharon left Weatherfield knowing Harvey was in prison and that his drug empire required a new leader.

She’s undoubtedly living the high life in Harvey’s commanding shoes, but will she return in time for the massive prison stunt escape storyline?

Sabeen (Zora Bishop) is initiating a new case to try to liberate Harvey, and she needs Imran’s (Charlie De Melo) support during the appeal.

Imran will gain the go-ahead from Toyah (Georgia Taylor) to assist Sabeen, who is also trapped with secrets.

Imran, on the other hand, is forced to do what she says because if he puts a foot wrong, Sabeen would expose his lies.

Sabeen claims she needs Imran to track Sharon down using his local contacts.

Imran grills Simon (Alex Bain) and is taken aback when Simon freely turns over the phone Harvey gave him for drug drops.

Sabeen receives Simon’s phone from Imran, but will they be able to contact Sharon?

What havoc will she bring to Weatherfield if she does return?

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