Coronation Street spoilers: Sam left heartbroken as he tries to fit in

Sam experiences heartbreak as he alters himself to fit in with the cool crowd, according to Coronation Street spoilers for the upcoming episode.

He tries too hard to win Jalena over despite being desperate to do so and pushes her away.

Will Sam recover from Jalena’s rejection according to previews for Coronation Street?

In the aftermath of Coronation Street, Sam feels alienated.

Sam displays his love of chess in a school project but is made fun of by the other students.

Owen, a classmate, mockingly requests in jest that Sam teach him how to play, but he has no intention of following through.

Sam is blind to Owen’s brutality because she thinks he sincerely wants to learn some lessons.

He is devastated when he learns Owen’s genuine intentions as he prepares his chess board at Roy’s.

Sam later resolves to try and blend in with the other kids his age after feeling like an outsider at school.

He makes up a gamer persona so he can hang out with Jack and Liam, but it doesn’t take him long to complain about how dull video games are.

Sam begins to ask the two lads personal questions regarding the letters he writes as they become aware that he doesn’t share as much in common with them as he claims.

Sam is uneasy and still craves approval.

Sam’s crush turns him down.
Sam shows up to Jalena’s birthday party wearing a football shirt, reasoning that she would be more likely to like one of the stereotypically cool youngsters.

He has no interest in the sport, but he wants to win over his crush.

Jalena decides to play a game of chess with John because she believes Sam no longer shares her passion in the game.

Sam is devastated when the girl he wants to impress tells him that she doesn’t like football and that his attempt to win her over has failed.

Will Sam have another chance to win her over?

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