Coronation Street spoilers: Sam hides a big secret – who is he writing letters to?

Sam Blakeman is currently very busy on Coronation Street. In addition to beginning high school, he has also started writing and sending letters to someone.

Sam has focused on making progress in his life after Natasha’s passing in 2022.

After Harvey Gaskell shot his mother, the young boy became mute and was unable to express his emotions to Nick for several months.

Sam’s passion for chess is one thing he has leveraged to his advantage.

Sam’s love for the game has increased as a result of Roy, and after a few matches he utilizes his expertise to educate his peers about chess in a presentation at school the following week.

Sam pretends to love video games on Hope’s advice and plans to invite Jack (Kyran Bowes) and Liam (Charlie Wrenshall) around for a sleepover after school.

Sam says that the football game is worthless because it involves no talent or strategy as he sets up the contest.

Sam is clearly having trouble conversing with Jack and Liam, despite his best efforts. Jack and Liam interrogate Sam about the letters he has been writing, but he struggles and avoids the subject.

What is he doing, though?

Could he be attempting to get in touch with a relative?

Or perhaps this is connected to the reappearance of Harvey Gaskell?

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