Coronation Street spoilers: Sam Blakeman drops horrifying bombshell on Nick and Leanne

ELEVEN-year-old Since the passing of his mother Natasha, Sam Blakeman has been living with his father Nick Tilsley.

One year after her murder, the young Coronation Street actor shocks his father and his partner Leanne Battersby with a shocking revelation.

Jude Riordan’s young character suffered a severe loss when Weatherfield villain Harvey Gaskell murdered and killed his mother in 2021.

The criminal accidentally killed Natasha while pursuing Leanne for reporting him to the police.

Sam, his mother Leanne (Jane Danson), his father Nick (Ben Price), and others are getting ready to observe Natasha’s death anniversary on ITV soon.

Leanne, who has received requests from Harvey for prison visits, claims she is going to the cash and carry but actually heads over to visit the thug in jail.

When Harvey (Will Mellor), the co-owner of the Bistro, tells him that Sam has been writing to him and wants it to stop, the co-owner is surprised.

Later, Leanne shares what she has learned with Nick, and the two of them face Sam, who claims he only wants to know why Harvey killed his mother.

The young man then addresses Nick and Leanne with a terrible request.

Sam says that if he can see Harvey instead of writing to him, he will quit doing so.

Sam insists it’s not their decision and he’ll find a way to get to Harvey when the pair expresses their fear.

Sam, Nick, and Leanne congregate in the Bistro with the rest of the Platt family, Audrey, Gail, David, and Sarah, in later scenes.

Sam takes offense when Nick makes comments about the mother of his child and tells the family that he wants to meet Harvey to find out why he acted the way he did.

Sam receives a pep talk from Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls), who is frightened and thinks she has convinced him.

However, Nick’s happiness might not last long.

Sam tells Hope Stape in the backyard of No. 9 that he has sent Harvey another letter and that his father would be furious if he found out.

Harvey reads Sam’s letter in his cell and is amused to discover a questionnaire about his violent past.

Will Sam receive the responses he seeks?

Will Nick be able to convince him not to see Harvey?

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