Coronation Street spoilers: Ryan goes missing after fresh ordeal

According to Coronation Street teasers for the upcoming week, Ryan disappears after checking himself out of the hospital.

In a panic because Ryan is no longer in his hospital bed at Weatherfield General, Daisy and Carla go out to find him.

Ryan has left, where? In the upcoming week’s Coronation Street spoilers, will his loved ones be able to locate him?

Coronation Street spoilers: Daisy and Alya support Ryan

The following week, Daniel tells a distraught Daisy when he gets home from court that Justin has entered a not-guilty plea. Ryan learns from Daisy and worries that he’ll have to explain everything in court once more.

Alya promises to be there for him during the entire procedure as she sits on his hospital bed. Ryan thanks Alya and tells her he loves her, his emotions all over the place.

Later, Daisy brings Crystal into the hospital to chat about Ibiza in an effort to give Ryan something to look forward to.

Ryan appreciates Daisy’s help and begins to feel optimistic about the possibility of staying in Ibiza when he has had time to process the acid attack.

Coronation Street spoilers: Ryan goes missing

Ryan makes the decision that it is now appropriate to examine his burns. But when the doctor tells him that a skin graft is necessary since his skin isn’t mending properly, he is upset.

Later, when Ryan isn’t in his bed, Daisy and Carla rush to the hospital to visit him. After that, they discover that his backpack has also vanished.

Concerned over Ryan’s safety, Daisy and Carla organize a search party. Daisy is also concerned about how to break the news to Ryan that Crystal no longer desires a relationship with him.

Ryan stands outside the tram station since he can’t think about his burns. However, where is Ryan going? Will Carla and Daisy locate him quickly enough?

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