Coronation Street spoilers: Ryan declares his love to Alya as he faces surgery

Following the acid assault in Coronation Street, Ryan Connor’s (Ryan Prescott) emotions are all over the place.

In an effort to exact retribution, Justin (Andrew Still) threw acid at Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) a few weeks earlier.

Although Ryan moved in front of Justin just as he flung the liquid, it struck Ryan instead, burning him and starting to erode away his flesh.

Ryan is clinging to anything that makes him think of how things were before his life changed forever, especially his friendship with Alya (Sair Khan).

Alya, who is currently separated from Ryan, has been his supporter ever since the assault, and she will be present the following week when Daisy visits the hospital and shares the news that Justin pleaded not guilty at the plea hearing.

Ryan acknowledges his fear at the prospect of having to explain the entire nightmare in court, and when Alya reassures him that she would be at his side, Ryan declares his love for her.

However, what will Alya do?

Ryan Prescott recently told us that “he is trying to reach out and clutch onto whatever he can within his life that will allow him to deny the reality.”

He instinctively attempts to reach out in desperation when he sees things like his connection with Alya and the opportunity to visit Ibiza slipping away from him.

“I believe he is aware of the stages of acceptance and denial,” I said. He begins to realize the seriousness of what has happened slowly.

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