Coronation Street spoilers: Ryan arrested, George’s sister arrives, Stu’s secret revealed

Next week on Coronation Street, Ryan and Debbie’s insurance fraud fails, George’s sister Glenda shows up, and Stu makes headlines.

It’s your Coronation Street spoilers for 1-5 August 2022.

Ryan is arrested after breaking into the Bistro

Ryan will orchestrate a break-in at the Bistro as part of Debbie’s scheme to recover her finances so she can submit an insurance claim.

Ryan chooses to fuse the electrics and try to get the money, even though Debbie later has second thoughts about the plan.

The issue is that because of a backup circuit, the CCTV remains unaffected by the power outage. Ryan is eventually identified on the video as the offender, and he is subsequently detained on suspicion of stealing.

Then, in private, Ronnie will accuse Debbie of planning an insurance scam, and Ryan will contact Debbie from the police station and threaten to implicate her. Will Debbie tell the truth, or will Ryan end up losing everything?

George’s sister Glenda arrives

George has had a busy week. He can be seen battling with a competitor undertaker before receiving an offer of £400,000 to sell the company.

Then, after suffering a tooth injury, George becomes over-the-top on powerful painkillers and passes out in the back of a funeral car just before the service is set to begin. Glenda, George’s sister, suddenly appears on the scene and assumes control of the situation at this point.

Fortunately, everything goes according to plan at the funeral, and George is overjoyed to meet his sibling and introduce Glenda to Eileen.

Yasmeen discovers Stu’s terrible secret

Yasmeen, Stu, Dev, and Alya are interviewed by Suki from the Gazette about their food waste campaign. But the narrative of Yasmeen giving homeless Stu a lifeline in the end takes center stage in the newspaper piece.

Following the publicity, Stu is terrified to see his ex-wife Lucy at Speed Daal, where she first warns him to avoid his daughter Bridget before spilling a major surprise. When Yasmeen learns the information that Stu has been attempting to conceal, how will she respond?

Tim and Sally’s big bust-up

Tim is told to go to the Casino Night on his own after Sally notices that he has been visiting pornographic websites. Tim later receives a message from Sal letting him know that she has prepared the spare bed for him when he gets home.

Tim tries to make amends the following day, but it doesn’t work, so Sally suggests they take a break. Tim leaves his wife alone and goes to Victoria Garden to vent to Aggie, who advises him to talk to Sally about his troubles.

Thus, Tim returns home to tell Sal everything about his fear of passing away without admitting that Aggie may have prompted him to do so.

Ken gives Wendy a second chance

Even though Ken appeared to have bid Wendy farewell the previous week, he will next be seen asking her to a coffee shop.

But after a few drinks, Ken offers Wendy a lunch and soon Wendy is helping herself to his lasagne as Ken confides that he still misses Deirdre and understands what it’s like to feel lonely.

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