Coronation Street spoilers: Roy sparks health fears as he suffers worrying episode

In advance of the upcoming episode of Coronation Street, Roy and Evelyn attend a salsa session, but Roy leaves early because he feels unwell.

He then goes to the hospital and admits that he has been having chest pains and breathing difficulties. What is wrong with Roy, then?

Spoilers for Coronation Street: Roy leaves his salsa class quickly

On Coronation Street the next week, Evelyn convinces Roy to join her for a salsa session at Glenda’s community center. Glenda recognizes she has a challenging task ahead of her as the two begin to dance. For them to become proficient dancers, she’ll need to work her magic.

Roy grips his chest in agony before admitting that he’s not feeling well as he and Evelyn begin to dance across the floor. Roy leaves the salsa lesson quickly and rushes back to the café, leaving Evelyn to worry what is wrong with him.

Evelyn confronts Roy for leaving her midway through her salsa class back at the café, prompting him to defend himself. He says that he wasn’t feeling well but won’t elaborate. Evelyn exits the café in a foul mood after being irritated with Roy.

Spoilers for Coronation Street: Roy visits the doctor

Roy starts to worry about his health and determines that making an appointment with Dr. Gaddas at the clinic is the best course of action.

Roy discloses that he’s been having dyspnea and chest problems while at his checkup.

Evelyn learns that Roy has been scheduled for some tests by Dr. Gaddas and agrees to accompany Roy to the hospital as a result. What’s wrong with Roy if Evelyn and Roy are both worried about his health after he exhibits some concerning symptoms? How bad is Roy’s condition?

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