Coronation Street spoilers: Roy is concerned by Hope’s cruel behaviour

In Coronation Street, Eliza (Savannah Kunyo), the granddaughter of Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows), decided to go to Weatherfield High and has since begun hanging out with Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan) and Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan).

Eliza ended up attending the neighborhood school after complaining to Stu that she was being teased by her peers about the fact that her mother was serving time for the murder of Charlie Walter and not Stu.

Hope’s envy has begun to grow as a result of Eliza’s success in making a few acquaintances but largely because of how well she has gotten along with Sam.

Hope hasn’t exactly handled her feelings in a “normal” way, but then again, this is Hope.

Eliza will soon tell Hope and Sam that it’s time for her birthday celebration, and Stu even succeeds in persuading Liam (Charlie Wrenshall) and Jake (Bobby Bradshaw) to attend.

Unfortunately, Hope informs the boys that they probably won’t enjoy Eliza’s party once she finds out what is going on.

Roy (David Neilson), who overheard the conversation, is perplexed as to why Hope is being so rude.

But can Roy convince her before Eliza’s birthday celebration?

Or will Hope’s envy ruin it, making it a complete failure?

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