You are currently viewing Coronation Street spoilers: Rick killed the mum of Kelly’s prison mate Mia?

Coronation Street spoilers: Rick killed the mum of Kelly’s prison mate Mia?

Fans of Coronation Street assumed Gary Windass’ (Mikey North) assassination spree had been buried deeper than Rick Neelan’s body in the woods, but the story is set to be revisited when Kelly’s (Millie Gibson) fellow prisoner Mia is chilled to the bone when she discovers Kelly’s connection to the villain.

Mia and her family clearly have a terrible link to Rick, and she is terrified to discover that she is in the same unit as Kelly.

But she soon drops a bombshell on Kelly that makes her doubt all she thought she knew about her father.

Kelly had come to the Street looking for answers about her father’s disappearance, but a vengeful Gary took her under his wing, paying her school tuition and, most recently, her legal expenditures.

Kelly was convicted guilty of murder in Seb’s death, while smug killer Corey Brent (Max Evans) got away with his life.

Kelly has already been subjected to a great deal of suffering. Mia takes the stage to the right.

Sharon pays Kelly a visit and tells her not to worry about money because she has received an anonymous donation to help her with her lawsuit. Kelly’s heart skips a beat, certain it’s her father, showing he’s still alive.

Mia blushes as she sees Sharon. Sharon works for her father, Kelly reveals. Mia is shocked to learn she is Rick’s daughter.

Kelly confronts Mia, demanding to know what her father’s problem is. Kelly is taken aback when Mia explains that Rick is the reason she’s in prison and her mother is dead.

Kelly claims her father is now living in Spain and has paid her legal bills, but Mia is skeptical, telling Kelly she believes her father has been murdered.

Kelly dials Gary’s number and demands that he come to her house and tell her the truth about her father.

Will Gary, on the other hand, finally admit that Rick is dead and buried?

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