Coronation Street spoilers: Rebecca Ryan on potential Lydia return after exit

A battle between Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) and his ex Lydia ended in violence after she unintentionally shoved him off a balcony, shocking Coronation Street viewers.

Lydia returned to face the music tonight, paying a visit to Adam at his bedside – and Rebecca Ryan told us that she is delighted her character got Adam’s recognition that he treated her horribly, even though her vengeance went way too far.

Lydia may be allowed to return to the show, according to, because there is still a lot more to discover.

‘I believe now that we’ve had that redemption, people have realized she’s not just this crazy woman doing it for no reason, it’d be good to look into it a little more,’ she pondered. And I’d love to see what she’s really like as a person!’

While some fans may dispute that Lydia has been somewhat vindicated, Rebecca believes Lydia’s motivations were sincere.

We see Adam gaslighting her and making her believe she’s making it all up, but Rebecca is happy that the tale isn’t black and white, stating that her early friendship with Sarah (Tina O’Brien) was completely genuine.

It’s great for an actor to put themselves in their position and figure out why they’re doing it; you may not agree with it, but you can appreciate the lengths to which she went.’ The star of Shameless and Casualty elaborated.

‘It was crucial to have the redemptive aspect in there because you understand a little bit what she went through and why she does the things she does.’

In fact, the actress believes that none of this would have happened if Adam had simply held his hands up and provided closure.

Is the true blow that he has completely forgotten about her?

‘I think that was it, yeah!’ Rebecca agreed. All she wanted was for him to acknowledge her and apologize; that would have been enough for her, and she would have accepted it.

‘It was a knife in the back when he couldn’t remember what had happened – it changed the direction of her life, the abortion, and Adam changed everything for her.’

‘For him not to notice it was the turning point — all he had to do was admit what he’d done, and she’d be fine.’

But he didn’t, and the reaction was “wow.”

While Lydia has had a less-than-pleasant day on the cobblestones, Rebecca has thoroughly enjoyed herself, and she would gladly accept a return visit.

‘I’ve had the nicest time,’ she exclaimed of her adventure. It’s intimidating to learn you’ve landed a job on Coronation Street. It’s a legendary show, not just any show, especially if you’re from Manchester.

‘I don’t usually get scared when I perform things or act, but I was terrified the first week.’ It’s Coronation Street, after all, and it’s a huge deal. But the actors and crew immediately put me at ease and made me feel at ease; they’re incredible, and it was such a wonderful experience.’

Even fans’ belief that she was the character she played couldn’t take away from her enjoyment of the show.

‘I got a lot of hate, especially at the beginning!’ she laughed. Some people think we’re the same person, but we’re not! It’s not me, believe it or not; I’m actually rather sweet!

‘At the same time, you have to think it’s good that people become so engrossed in the plot, so it’s nice in that regard.’
I’ve also received a lot of extremely nice and encouraging responses, so I can’t really complain.

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