You are currently viewing Coronation Street spoilers: Phelan returns, Maria attacks and Corey exposed

Coronation Street spoilers: Phelan returns, Maria attacks and Corey exposed

In Coronation Street, it appears that you can never get rid of Pat Phelan, as Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) finds himself in a difficult predicament.

Meanwhile, Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) lets out her wrath as the pollution situation worsens, and Corey Brent (Maximus Evans) may be able to elude justice after being publicly exposed.

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When Gary arrives from Bristol, Maria informs him that Imran cannot pay the experts required to clear Kelly’s name. When he says he wants to pay over the money anonymously, she is taken aback. Maria makes it clear that if he puts Kelly ahead of her and Liam, she will go.

Sally confronts an uninterested Maria about the parking campaign while Liam and Jack play football in the street. Liam begins to pant for air, unable to breathe.

The ambulance arrives for Liam, but owing to double-parked cars, it is unable to turn onto the street. Maria is inconsolable as her son gasps for air.

Tyrone feels ashamed of his affections for Fiz, and the two are awkward around each other when they meet with the youth justice officer. Emma gets suspicious when she observes Tyrone and Fiz deep in conversation.

When Imran’s ex-wife Sabeen calls the office to meet him, Adam is taken aback. When Adam tells Imran that Sabeen is waiting for him in the Bistro, he is taken aback.

Ed walks Grace through the details of a house he and Aggie purchased at auction with the goal of repairing and renting it out. When Grace discusses her desire to live with Michael and Glory, Ed offers guidance and financial assistance. Michael puts up a show of enthusiasm.

When Jenny learns that Ronnie had lunch with Debbie, she makes a snide remark.

As a paramedic gives Liam oxygen, Ronnie shifts his car to make room for the ambulance. Liam gets diagnosed with asthma at the hospital. Maria is taken aback when she learns from the doctor that traffic fumes are a typical cause of the disease.

Liam is irritated to find that he must use inhalers. Maria, who is worried about Liam, vents her frustrations on Gary. Maria demands that Sarah remove Underworld’s van off the road after determining that it is a major source of local air pollution. Sarah refuses, and Maria’s reaction astounds her.

Tyrone blathers an excuse that he and Fiz were discussing childcare, unsure how much Emma overheard. Tyrone gives Alina the pricey ring she requested. Alina is overjoyed, while Emma ponders whether he is sincere or if the gesture is all for her advantage.

Imran discovers Sabeen waiting in the Bistro and is eager to quiz her about Kelly’s case. He’s taken aback when Sabeen tells him she’s a barrister on Corey’s enormous defense team and that he has little hope of getting Kelly acquitted.

Grace tells she’s been given a job in Hull and is tempted to take it, despite Michael’s clear opposition to their moving into their own home. Michael advises deferring a house purchase until his babygrow business is established, in order to keep Grace and Glory close by. Grace agrees to collaborate with him. Is this, however, what Michael truly desires?

Daisy informs Jenny that she’s deceiving no one and that she still has a thing for Ronnie. Daisy encourages Ronnie to pursue Jenny before she is snatched up by another man.

Abi confides in Kevin that she has overheard Tommy Orpington being lined up as a character witness for Corey. Sabeen approaches Imran and proposes that they petition the court to consider Kelly and Corey’s ages during the trial, as it would be beneficial to both of them.

Tommy would not support Corey if he knew the truth, Sally assured Jack. Alison, Abi’s liaison officer, speaks with Kevin about the upcoming trial, and Kevin scoffs at Kelly and Corey’s names being safeguarded.

When Simon informs that Corey’s identity has been published online on a Tommy Orpington fansite, Toyah is shocked.

Ronnie encourages Michael to tell Grace the truth and acknowledge he doesn’t love her. Michael dreads the inevitable fallout, knowing he’s right. What will her reaction be?

Sally is overjoyed when Maria tells her she was wrong to reject her concerns about the parking situation and offers to help her with her campaign.

Ronnie puts on his best suit and invites Jenny out to dinner. Jenny is noncommittal, preoccupied with a blocked bathroom in the pub, leaving Ronnie unsatisfied. Jenny will regret turning down Ronnie’s invitation, Daisy believes, and she should give him a chance. Jenny is unsure if she is correct.

James receives notification from the police that his case will be re-investigated.

When Ed and Aggie arrive at No. 3, Grace is furiously packing her belongings. Aggie blocks Grace’s exit, refusing to let her fly to Hull with her grandson. Grace claims that she will only stay in Weatherfield if the Baileys give her the house they are refurbishing because she is unable to stay at No. 3.

Abi is heartbroken that Corey’s name being leaked online could jeopardize the case. At the same time, Imran offers Toyah to accompany Kelly to court. The cops arrive to question Jack about the online posts.

Toyah is taken aback when Abi accuses Imran of using Jack’s error to postpone the trial, and Toyah discovers that this is precisely what he is doing. He promises that he would stop at nothing to win, no matter how unpopular it makes him.

Maria confronts Sarah on the importance of getting rid of Underworld’s truck in order to save the environment. Sarah is irritated by her sanctimony and advises her to stick to her profession of hairdressing. Maria informs Gary that she is selling their automobile and that he should sell his work van as well.

Jenny is given flowers by Ronnie. Jenny tells him she isn’t ready to be swept off her feet just yet. Daisy advises Jenny to just declare she likes him and get on with it.

Todd does a thorough cleanout of the undertakers’ storeroom to demonstrate his appreciation for George’s support. George tries to hide his unease.

When an enraged Todd comes from the storeroom carrying Phelan’s ashes, George’s fears are justified. George claims he’s never found the appropriate time to inform Eileen about his problems. What are they going to do?

At the pre-trial hearing, Imran and Sabeen spar as Imran exposes new evidence about the blood splatters on Kelly’s trainers. When Kelly and Corey are given a reduced plea to manslaughter, he is conflicted.

Simon pays a visit to a terrified Kelly, who believes she will spend the rest of her life in prison. In the café, Simon approaches Nina and asks her to recall what happened during the attack because she is Kelly’s final hope. Roy is enraged and tosses him out, leaving Nina terrified.

Johnny gives Jenny his consent to go out with Ronnie after learning of her unwillingness to move on. Despite the fact that they still love each other, they acknowledge that their marriage is finished and that they must move on. Jenny is touched by Johnny’s valor. Is it, however, too late?

Grace’s blackmail is discussed by Aggie and Ed. If Michael is to maintain Glory in his life, Ed believes they have no choice but to go through with it. Aggie is dissatisfied.

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