Coronation Street spoilers: Peter fears Carla’s psychosis will return as Stephen drugs her

After discovering Carla Connor (Alison King) sick in the Coronation Street pub, Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) has been left fearing the worst.

Since Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) started giving Carla LSD during tonight’s episode of the ITV soap opera, we are aware that Carla’s mental health has not deteriorated.

The reason Stephen is doing this is so he can succeed Carla as the head of the Underworld.

Stephen was furious when he was demoted to Office Manager and used the hallucinogenic substance to make his employer a cup of coffee.

Carla’s coworkers soon picked up on her odd behavior.

The team was having drinks at the pub when Carla’s behavior started to worry the others. Before she suffered a mental collapse in 2019, she was distant and bewildered but still attempted to hold her own.

Around the time Gary (Mikey North) caused the Underworld roof to collapse, killing Rana Habeeb, Carla was going through a mental health crisis.

Peter questioned whether history was repeating itself because Carla had worked herself to exhaustion back then.

Peter tried to reach Carla at the apartment but she was staring into the distance and claiming to be looking at shapes, one of which resembled Ken Barlow (William Roache).

We all know Stephen will go to any lengths to achieve his goals, but does it necessarily entail obliterating Carla in the process when the future is so uncertain?

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