Coronation Street spoilers: Peter Barlow’s exit story confirmed as he kills Stephen?

In Coronation Street, Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) is becoming to be yet another annoyance for Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce).

In essence, the cab driver has now turned into Stephen’s new adversary because he failed to see the benefit of telling Lou that he had recently stolen Rufus Donohue’s watch.

Lou discovered Stephen shortly after he had taken his tie pin, which was discovered near Rufus’ dead body, proving that Stephen committed the crime.

Lou arrived to his hotel room moments later and pondered what Stephen had been up to when he had broken in, taken the tie pin, and fled.

Knowing that if he told the truth, it would increase the likelihood that people would learn that Rufus is only alive because of him, the businessman pretended by telling Lou that Peter had stolen Rufus’ watch.

Peter informed his partner that Stephen undoubtedly had a secret motive as soon as he learned that Stephen had accused him and Carla (Alison King) of being liars.

Carla essentially agreed with Peter, but said she was unable to intervene since she needs him to stay at the plant until she is once again in a position to take over.

More tense scenes between Peter and Stephen may be seen in the ITV soap opera’s episode from last Wednesday (August 16).

Peter and Stephen conversed in the cafe as Peter argued that Stephen’s past behavior makes him appear to be a bit of a psychopath.

The definition of a psychopath, Stephen, insisted he wasn’t, but the fact that he was standing next to a flyer in the cafe caught our attention more than what he was actually saying.

We were suspicious since the murderer was standing next to a flyer that warned against drinking and driving because it would only lead to tragic results.

We are left wondering if Chris Gascoyne, who will soon leave his role as Peter Barlow, will play a significant role in the killer’s capture as he approaches the truth about Stephen.

Could Peter have a relapse, pick up drinking again, get behind the wheel, hit Stephen, and kill him?

He was left with no choice but to flee.

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