You are currently viewing Coronation Street spoilers: Paul Foreman discovers the truth about Will and Todd Grimshaw?

Coronation Street spoilers: Paul Foreman discovers the truth about Will and Todd Grimshaw?

If Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) is to disclose the truth about Will (Ben Hackett) and Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) in Coronation Street, he must learn to manage his fury.

Todd’s joy over finally getting engaged to Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) was short-lived this week as he received a message threatening to expose all of his falsehoods.

Todd took joy in telling Paul that he would never get back with Billy, believing the note was from Paul. Todd soon discovered, much to his surprise, that the threatening letters were sent by a teenager named Will.

Will’s strategy to get under Todd’s skin continued tonight (July 9) as he approached Summer (Harriet Bibby).

When Billy first walked into Speed Daal, he was surprised to see Will with Summer, but it didn’t take him long to forgive the disturbed kid for breaking into his flat and offer to help him find a place to live.

Paul questioned Billy after seeing Will and Summer in the café, perplexed as to why he’d let Summer hang out with Will considering he nearly killed her.

Paul’s rage erupted, but happily, Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) was on hand to diffuse the situation.

Paul and Gemma were out shopping when they came across a frazzled Todd who was scrambling for money for Will.

Paul got inside Todd’s brain and said he had seen Will, keeping things cool for a change.

‘Now that he’s buddies with Summer, it appears he’ll be hanging out!’ Todd, who was plainly paranoid, remarked to Paul.

‘So that’ll give me an opportunity to learn everything there is to know about him,’ he continued.

To say the least, Paul is confident Todd and Will are related, but will he be able to uncover the whole truth?

Most importantly, will Billy trust Paul if he tries to show to him that Todd and Will collaborated?

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