Coronation Street spoilers: Murder confession, Kelly shock, Toyah jailed?

Next week, Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor), a character on Coronation Street, will go on trial for the murder of Imran, putting her future in jeopardy.

Due to her intense feelings and the prospect of spending years in prison, she shocks Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock) by admitting that on that crucial day, she had intended to kill Imran.

Could he prove to be her undoing?

Meanwhile, Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) and Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) continue to make preparations for their future, but when Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) learns of their intentions, a wrench is put in the works.

Monday September 12

Prior to her trial, Abi asks Toyah if she would want to have Alfie for a few hours. Toyah sobs over Alfie’s stroller as she expresses her regret for taking his Daddy away.

Leanne enters the house to find Toyah telling Spider that she lied to the police, deliberately crashed the car, and wanted to kill Imran. What will Spider and Leanne do with Toyah’s confession as they both reel?

Aadi informs Dev that they intend to wed in Gretna Green while Kelly stands by his side. Dev scolds Aadi for trying to tie himself to someone like Kelly as he reacts in shock.

Kelly and Aadi decide to host an engagement party in an effort to win Dev over and demonstrate how serious they are about one another. Gary cautions Dev to embrace Aadi and Kelly’s union lest he risk completely losing his son. Dev will he listen?

Eileen bemoans George’s domineering sister and queries how long she intends to stay. When Jenny gives Glenda a job at the Rovers, Eileen concerns that she’s here to stay, despite George’s assurances that he will speak with Glenda.

James tells Aggie he can’t imagine a life without football and that he can’t wait to get back on the field.

Aggie hides her internal conflict. Billy advises Sean to celebrate his birthday at Speed Daal, citing the fact that he once experienced homelessness and that it wouldn’t hurt to show support for Stu. Alya and Zeedan think the tide is turning because Sean has a party arranged.

Wednesday September 14

Leanne begs Toyah not to say something she’ll regret and to let her lawyer speak as they make their way to court. Toyah is a bundle of nerves. Adam and Kelly are consulted as witnesses while the prosecution attorney depicts her as a murderer.

Next Saira describes to the court how she witnessed Toyah kissing Spider and believes that she killed Imran on purpose because she thought she was having an affair behind Imran’s back. Leanne tries her best to defend her sister, but Toyah thinks she must speak for herself as she hears Leanne speak.

Zeedan and Stu get ready for Sean’s birthday party as Alya goes on a lunch date. Sean is moved when Laurence surprises him with gifts, but his expression changes when he suggests that he might miss the meal.

Ryan enviously observes Alya having fun on her date. Ronnie implores him to express his feelings to her.

Ryan confesses to Alya that he stole the money from the cafe and that he really wishes they could reconcile.

What will Alya do? As Sean’s pals are settling up, a man enters Speed Daal and introduces himself as Charlie, the girl Stu killed. He then pulls out a package and lifts the top. What exactly has he let loose?

Kelly is moved to tears by Gary’s generosity when he offers to contribute to her wedding, while Maria hides her worries.

Kelly overhears Maria suggesting that after the party is done, she’ll get bored with Aadi and break up with him. Kelly is using her inheritance to create the most extravagant engagement party ever. What will Kelly do?

The Baileys receive a mountain of get-well cards as James returns home. But will James be given the all-clear to go back when County’s Manager calls to discuss his future?

Friday September 16

When Sharon visits Kelly to celebrate her engagement, Gary is not pleased and begs her not to ruin Kelly’s life by telling her that he killed her father. Sharon is terrified when Aadi reveals Kelly’s experience with being kidnapped and Kelly requests Gary to marry her at the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Kelly gets a holdall filled with her mother’s belongings that she left behind in Spain. She is stunned to discover the celebration is dated as June 17, 2019, the day her father was killed as she looks through a digital camera.

Kelly claims she wants to know who actually killed her father when she gets home and shows Gary the pictures. Is Gary still in the game?

The jury renders their decision in court. Spider meets with DS Swain to talk about his position and declares his intention to stay.

Leo raves about their new life in Canada, and Jenny tries to project a positive attitude. Daisy makes every effort to convince Jenny that she would make the ideal manager while Glenda begins her first shift working the bar.

Will Daisy benefit from Stephen tricking Glenda into thinking she gave him the wrong change? Jenny casts a sad gaze around the bar.

Alya and Stu consult with a lawyer who specializes in unfair trials. They are shocked to find the charge will be £15,000 though.

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