Coronation Street spoilers: More heartbreak for Aggie as James collapses

According to next week’s Coronation Street spoilers, Aggie will experience heartbreak after James passes out during the Rovers’ charity football game.

James scores a goal for his team and then collapses on the field, drawing his family to his side.

As soon as an ambulance is called, James’ family learns some terrible news.

What’s wrong with James in the spoilers for Coronation Street?

James collapses in spoilers for Coronation Street

James, a football player for Weatherfield County, offers to coach The Rovers Return as they get ready to play The Flying Horse in a charity match.

To obtain an advantage over their competitors, the team sought out the assistance of a football professional.

James, who has no intention of participating, observes Dev give the team a last-minute pep talk, but Tim misunderstands him and believes Dev is making jokes about his impotence.

Tim then leaves the team, leaving them one person short.

James steps in to fill Tim’s spot on the field while Tim tells Aggie about his frustration.

Even if the score doesn’t look good, James helps the team regain the lead with still time to spare.

He quickly transitions from saving the day to needing saving.

Ed is upset as he collapses on the field.

While everyone watches Michael begin CPR on his brother, Ed calls for an ambulance.

Aggie is devastated following the bad news.
The Bailey family congregates by James’ bedside in the hospital as they wait for updates.

James had a heart arrest and is now aware but not in a stable condition.

James needs surgery, the doctor informs the grieving family.

He has cardiomyopathy, a disease.

In order to prevent a repeat of the terrible events of the day, they must act quickly to install an ICD.

Aggie is overcome with grief as she sees her son enter the theater.

She cries uncontrollably and worries the worst.

Ed had only recently been hospitalized, and now she and her son are returning.

How will James fare?

Can the Baileys stick together during this difficult time?

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