Coronation Street spoilers: Max Turner lured to Griff’s flat as grooming horror begins

TROUBLESOME Max Turner will take part in a brand-new mind-blowing plot.

Next week on Coronation Street, the Paddy Bever-played adolescent finds himself in trouble after being persuaded into eco-activist Griff’s apartment.

In recent months, Max has caused havoc on the cobblestones, most notably as a result of his continuous dispute with Daniel Osbourne, which nearly resulted in his death.

However, the young man has been making an effort to change since his actions led to his expulsion from Weatherfield High.

On ITV soon, Max and Daryan start their new positions at Speed Daal, but things don’t go exactly as expected.

Daryan initially collides with Max, forcing him to lose a tray of silverware.

Additionally, the youngster meets newcomer Lauren and talks to her about his first shift at Speed Daal.

Due to Lauren’s suggestion that Daryan is being treated preferentially in the restaurant, she is poised to play a significant role in Max’s grooming plot.

Later scenes include her visiting Max at Speed Daal, where Alya Nazir offers them dinner at a staff discount.

However, as Max is getting ready, Lauren poses as being unwell and leaves.

Lauren tells Max that Daryan was groping her while she was at eco-activist Griff’s apartment.

However, things take a turn for the worst when Max visits Griff’s apartment once more and is told by him that it’s time for him to get an education.

Then Griff offers him £200 to help him publicize a speech he’s giving at the community center.

Since his debut appearance in Weatherfield, Game of Thrones actor Michael Condron’s portrayal of Griff has aroused suspicion among Corrie viewers.

As time goes on, it becomes more and more obvious what his genuine intentions are.

Griff took Peter Barlow to a concert featuring a racist band on Friday, October 28.

Griff targeted Max during last night’s (October 31) trip to the cobbles as the child was being ganged up on by Blake and Chris.

Griff managed to connect with Max after introducing himself by taking care of his bullies.

Griff famously knocked Chris to the ground, putting the bullies on notice and convincing them to back off.

To top it all off, Griff’s radical buddies and an undercover Spider Nugent who is keeping a close check on the group were introduced to Max during a Halloween party where he was invited.

What lies ahead for Max?

How far will he go to win Griff’s love?

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