You are currently viewing Coronation Street SPOILERS: Mary decapitates the paperboy outside the Kabin

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Mary decapitates the paperboy outside the Kabin

According to next week’s Coronation Street spoilers, Mary decapitates the Kabin paperboy statue in order to discover Norris’ secret.

The Order of Service for Norris’ funeral is shown to Freda in next week’s scenes.

George is humiliated when Freda points out that he has Norris’ date of birth wrong.

Freda’s week, on the other hand, is getting worse.

Freda struggles to hide her annoyance when she discovers that Gemma has gone to the hospital to meet other mothers whose children have cochlear implants.

Freda is reassured by Gemma’s assurance that they will keep in touch with other deaf individuals after the operation.

Aled is taken by Freda on Coronation Street, according to spoilers.

When Bernie claims that Aled will be normal after the operation, Freda is hurt.

Freda offers to take Aled for a walk because Gemma is stressed, but she becomes even more agitated when she overhears Bernie and Chesney discussing the difficulties of attending deaf groups and how they want Aled to speak properly and fit in.

When Freda doesn’t show up, a worried Gemma tells Roy that she thinks she’s kidnapped Aled.

An emotional Freda is in the community hall presenting Aled a website dedicated to successful deaf individuals as Gemma insists they need to find Aled and get him to hospital before he misses his operation.

She indicates that she is occupied when she sees Gemma at the window.

Gemma enlists the services of an interpreter who has arrived to discuss Norris’ funeral plans in an attempt to communicate with Freda, but she refuses to hand over Aled.

Will they be able to convince Freda to come out before they miss the opportunity when Chesney arrives?

The funeral of Norris

Audrey passes out a hip flask of tequila as mourners gather in the chapel for Norris’ funeral.

Gail keeps a wary eye on Mary as she takes a big gulp of water.

Following Rita’s touching funeral for her best friend, Billy reads a letter from Norris.

His remarks had an impact on Freda and Mary.

The paperboy’s hidden secret

Norris finishes by disclosing that Rita used to have his hair secretly colored by Claudia, after teasing that the paperboy outside the Kabin has a secret.

Rita is roundly chastised by Audrey for her transgression.

The wake for Norris goes place, but the atmosphere is disrupted by Audrey and Rita’s squabble.

Mary, Ken, Gail, and Brian gather outside The Kabin to discover the secret hidden inside the paperboy.

When they can’t open it, Mary takes a chainsaw to the paperboy and decapitates him.

What secrets are hidden within?

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