You are currently viewing Coronation Street spoilers: Mary decapitates a paperboy with a chainsaw

Coronation Street spoilers: Mary decapitates a paperboy with a chainsaw

Remember when Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) held Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden) hostage in a cottage with a wooden spoon in her hand?

Who’d have guessed the two would go on to become a legendary and married couple on Coronation Street, bringing the show’s trademark warmth, squabbling, and humour?

Mary, on the other hand, maintains her outlandish behavior as she picks up a chainsaw and chops off the skull of a paperboy.

Before you get too worked up about Corrie being all doom, gloom, and violence, be assured that it’s simply the long-standing paperboy decoration that hangs outside the Kabin.

An epoch has come to an end.

After the tragic burial of Norris, who had departed away, the terrible attack on a mainstay of Corrie occurs. However, Norris has left some final puzzles in his wake, prompting Mary’s outburst.

She hopes she will discover a hidden treasure or a secret within the boy’s depths, but what has Norris concealed there? And, most importantly, how!?

Norris concludes by admitting that Rita used to get her hair secretly colored by Claudia, after teasing that the paperboy outside The Kabin has a secret.

We have to stan a gossip to the end.

Viewers will have to wait and see what final trick the beloved Norris has up his sleeve while Mary performs her decapitation.

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