Coronation Street spoilers: Maria stalker horror, Ed hospital dash and Kelly caught out

Next week, Maria Connor (Sami Longchambon), a beloved character on Coronation Street, will continue to suffer from her stalk.

Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson), sensing Maria’s anxiety about attending a lunch meeting alone, volunteers to go with her.

When Jimmy approaches the Weatherfield councilwoman and cautions her to get out of situations she doesn’t fully comprehend, the councilwoman is startled.

However, things take a turn for the worst when a scary man approaches and compliments her on her internet video. As she flees, she discovers that her phone is being traced.

Maria informs a terrified Mikey North that she believes she is being followed when he phones Gary Windass.

When Maria hears footsteps while desperately searching through her luggage for the tracking device, she panics and grabs a can of hairspray before turning around.

When Maria discovers the tracking device in her bag, she destroys it and informs the authorities.

Maria closes the blinds because she thinks someone might be watching Gary, Kelly, and Liam Connor as they eat their pizza.

Later in the week, Maria claims Liam won’t be feeling well, so she’s taking the day off of work.

She is informed by Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) that Jimmy is accountable for sending damaging messages.

Maria is startled when Jimmy confronts her as she exits the apartment and threatens to make sure she lives to regret telling the police about him.

A wad of cash also spills out of Kelly’s bag as soon as she watches Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) leave the barbershop.

When a wad of cash spills out of Kelly’s bag, Aadi is shocked. According to Kelly, the money belongs to her father Rick Neekan, and she is attempting to give it back to the people he defrauded throughout the years.

The young boy exhorts her to consult Gary for guidance. Will she take notes?

Kelly says she has located another of her dad’s clients and is headed to repay them at the bus stop.

Kelly is appreciative of Aadi’s offer to accompany her and accepts his proposal of a later date at Speed Daal.

Kelly refuses to listen, informing Gary that he is not her father, and Gary is enraged to learn what Kelly is doing through Sharon.

Kelly walks out and knocks on a door by herself. She introduces herself as Rick Neelan’s daughter, delivers Ross an envelope filled with money, and says she is attempting to atone for her Dad’s misdeeds.

While Aadi waits at Speed Daal, Ross phones his friend and informs him of Kelly’s coming. Aadi then realizes he has been duped.

In another scene, Aggie Bailey (Lorna Laidlaw) sets the tone by telling Ed Bailey (Trevor Michael Georges) that the situation is resolved when he fixes Steve McDonald’s (Simon Gregson) roof for mates’ rates.

Ed and Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) are shown a picture of a shuttered tavern by Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan), who advises that the two of them buy it, demolish it, and build homes on the land. Does Aggie concur?

In Debbie Webster’s (Sue Devaney’s) hotel, Ed is abruptly electrocuted while working on a radiator. After being thrown backwards, he lies unconscious.

Ronnie tells Paul to call an ambulance out of panic. Later, Debbie discovers to her dismay that Ray Crosby was infamous for cutting shortcuts and she has no idea when the last inspection was conducted.

Aggie berates Debbie for putting Ed’s life in jeopardy and informs her that their attorney would be contacting her.

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