Coronation Street spoilers: Leo Thompkins’ shock secret revealed as Daniel Osbourne catches him out

Leo Thompkins is a bit of a mystery, other from his friendship with Jenny Connor and his developing dreams.

But in Coronation Street, the next week, Daniel Osbourne realizes that he’s concealing something.

Leo Thompkins, a hot civil engineer, visited at No. 8 to mend a sinkhole in the Platt home, and Joe Frost into character for the first time.

However, the character has kept his personal information a secret while living in the cobbles because he has been seen developing a romantic relationship with Jenny Connor.

In the upcoming episode of the ITV soap opera, Weatherfield instructor Daniel Osbourne learns Leo might be keeping something from his spouse.

Everything starts when Leo says he needs laborers, and Daniel, much to Daisy Midgeley’s amusement, volunteers his services.

Daniel later spends the night at the Rovers but awakens at three in the morning.

He is shocked to see Leo dressed appropriately.

He tells Daisy what he witnessed the next day because he believes Leo is not being completely forthright with Jenny.

Later, he learns through Paul Foreman that Leo is working his final day at his job, which prompts him to tell Daisy.

Daisy tells Jenny what she knows because she is worried about Leo’s strange behavior.

Leo takes advantage of meals in the Bistro in later scenes to spill the beans, but what has he been keeping secret?

Leo’s primary plotline has been centered on his age difference with girlfriend Jenny Connor since since his initial appearance in the cobbles.

He is several years younger than her, so the Woolpack landlady was originally hesitant to start a romantic relationship with him.

Daisy, her stepdaughter, was initially the subject of her initial attempts to interest him, but she was more intrigued by Daniel Osbourne.

Jenny wasn’t aware that Leo was attracted to her until he asked her out.

However, with the passing of her ex-husband Johnny, Leo believed it was appropriate to distance himself from her.

After Christmas, he eventually got back together with her, and despite their age difference, they have remained solid ever since.

But what if Leo’s major secret were to change everything?

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