Coronation Street spoilers: Leanne learns the truth about murderer sister Toyah

According to upcoming Coronation Street spoilers, Toyah finally confesses to Spider that she killed Imran, with Leanne listening in on every word.

As Toyah prepares to testify and decides she’s had enough of harboring secrets, the pressure increases.

In the spoilers for Coronation Street, did Toyah actually kill Imran?

Imran, Toyah’s spouse, perished in an automobile accident.

Toyah had gone to the police department prior to the collision to report Abi for kidnapping Alfie.

Imran, however, showed up and made an effort to persuade her that notifying Abi was not a good idea.

She didn’t realize Imran had used images of Abi that suggested she was purchasing drugs to frame her, which is why she couldn’t comprehend why.

A few years later, the actress played Doctor Bannerjee, a Weatherfield General-based psychiatrist who examined Claire Peacock in September 2006 in the role. Imran begged Toyah to forgive him for his errors, but things turned tense.

Toyah and Imran were observed fighting as they made their way home from the station; they only stopped after Toyah smashed the vehicle.

Imran saved Toyah’s life by removing her from the automobile while she was unconscious, but things quickly turned bad for him.

Imran fell to the ground as he watched Toyah enter an ambulance.

He died as a result of ineffective CPR.

In 2009, Kim returned to the screen to portray an unknown paediatric doctor who attended to Simon Barlow while he was hospitalized following a fire at 9a Rosamund Street.

Kim has intermittently appeared since November 2016 as Saira Habeeb, the mother of Rana and Imran.

What other roles has Kim Vithana held?

Kim is a skilled actor who has been in a lot of movies and TV shows throughout the years.

She has appeared on Family Pride, Specials, and Firm Friends on television.

Even though there was proof that Toyah failed to use the brakes prior to the incident, she has consistently denied having any malicious intentions.

She did a good job portraying the heartbroken wife who is trying to accept the death of her husband, as viewers would have seen.

However, things are going to change starting next week.

In an effort to divert her attention prior to Toyah’s court appearance, Abi allows Toyah to watch Alfie.

She soon sobs over the pram and apologizes for Imran’s death as guilt overcomes her.

Toyah later tells Spider everything.

She had every intention of killing her husband and did intend to crash the automobile.

Both Spider and Leanne feel queasy as Leanne enters the room and hears everything.

Will they divulge their knowledge to the court?

Leanne might turn against her own sister.

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