Coronation Street spoilers: Killer Stephen uses dead Leo’s phone to make it look like he’s still alive?

In tonight’s episode of Coronation Street, Stephen (Todd Boyce), like many murderers, went back to the crime scene and found something significant.

Leo’s (Joe Frost) body had been placed in the dumpster, and Stephen was inspecting it when he noticed something suspicious on the ground.

Phone of Leo!

Knowing that if anyone else found the phone, it would be discovered that Leo hadn’t actually made it to Canada, he acted quickly to pick it up.

In fact, Stephen might find it very useful to have Leo’s phone in his possession.

As Leo’s father Teddy (Grant Burgin) and Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) both have unanswered questions about his “transfer,” Stephen has the ideal tool to allay their concerns and prevent them from looking any further.

Could Stephen make Leo appear to be still alive by using his phone?

He turned down a video call from a distraught Jenny tonight, almost being caught out by Aggie (Lorna Laidlaw).

Could this have given him a thought?

Impersonating a deceased guy doesn’t seem like too much of a leap for Scheming Stephen as we’ve seen him go to such lengths to hide his tracks previously.

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