Coronation Street spoilers: Killer Stephen Reid in major crash as new pictures reveal carnage

In Coronation Street, Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) is involved in a serious bike accident that puts his life in risk.

In upcoming scenes, the murderer who killed Leo Thompkins (Joe First) last week is on a mission to make some money when he is mugged by a group of thugs.

Stephen fights back as he rides off on his delivery bike, refusing to give up without a fight, until he crashes.

The actors who play Stephen Reid and Elaine Jones in the ITV soap opera, Todd Boyce and Paula Wilcox, were seen filming the aforementioned scenes on location.

Should Stephen be alright? Will Elaine’s presence by his side as they wait for an ambulance help to save his life?

Furthermore, do the murders of Stephen’s victims’ identities eventually come to light?

Time will only tell.

As viewers are aware, Stephen killed Leo last week, beginning what is believed to be his reign of terror.

Leo met his demise after being pushed over the edge by Stephen as the killer confronted his adversary on the scaffolding atop the factory, knowing full well that Leo was on to him.

The aftermath of the argument was just as awful, and Stephen made a point of trying to hide his wrongdoing in the weeks that followed by throwing away the young man’s belongings.

But now, everyone is wondering: Will Stephen commit another murder?

Todd Boyce, an actor, told Media, “I think he’s capable of just killing more people moving on.” The deeper he gets into it, the further he will go. It’s like gambling.

Todd made a joke about an actor who once said, “Once you do one, you kind of have a taste for it.”

Weatherfield residents, be on your guard. Fear terribly.

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