Coronation Street spoilers: Killer Stephen caught as Leo’s dad calls the police over dead son?

Teddy Thompkins, the father of Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost), will return to Coronation Street the following week with a single query in his mind.

Why won’t his son get in touch with him?

We know that contact between Leo and anyone else has ended since he is dead. Stephen (Todd Boyce) killed him, and we are now unsure of the whereabouts of the body.

Following the murder, Stephen has taken advantage of Leo and Jenny’s (Sally Ann Matthews) relocation to Canada, leading Jenny to assume that Leo suddenly changed his mind about their relationship and left on his own for Toronto.

Teddy heads into the pub and informs her and Stephen that there is no sign of Leo and that it is time to call the police while Jenny has begun to move on.

Will Teddy’s remarks alter Jenny’s belief that Leo has met someone else in Canada, which she shares with Stephen on the same day?

Will Teddy be the one to learn more of the truth as he becomes increasingly suspicious?

Teddy might turn out to be Stephen’s next victim.

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