Coronation Street spoilers: Kelly quizzes Gary over horror murder

In an upcoming Coronation Street episode, a disturbing occurrence prompts Kelly (Millie Gibson) to wonder how violent Gary (Mikey North) may be. Is his role in her father’s demise about to come to light?

Kelly has made the decision to use her wealth to make amends with the previous borrowers of her loan shark father Rick.

It’s a noble idea, but there’s a catch: not all of Rick’s former “customers” are particularly nice people.

Gary becomes concerned when Kelly doesn’t return after visiting one of these individuals, Kieran. Then Kelly texts him, asking him to let her mother know she’s okay.

Naturally, Kelly’s mother is deceased, and Gary recognizes that Kelly is trying to communicate with him to let him know she is in peril.

Then he receives a call from Kieran demanding £50,000 in order to see Kelly alive once more.

Kieran is upset that Gary hasn’t brought the full amount and urges him to come up with the rest – or it’ll be bad news for Kelly. Gary scrapes together some of the money and goes to meet Kieran.

A clever Gary utilizes the tracker he put in the money bag to discover Kelly’s location.

When Kieran arrives with a crowbar, a huge brawl breaks out, and Kelly is stunned to discover a whole new side of Gary—one who is willing to use severe violence when necessary.

Later, she probes Gary about what transpired. She is curious about his capabilities and his possible prior behavior because she is aware that he was prepared to kill Kieran.

Is she almost ready to reveal Gary’s fatal secret?

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