Coronation Street spoilers: Kelly disappears in sinister kidnap story – will she die?

As Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) confronts two extremely dangerous guys from her dad’s background, there is no respite for her on Coronation Street.

Kelly made the decision to continue using Rick’s shady funds to reimburse his clients last week.

She had the plan formulated in her head and was certain it was ideal, but because of her distorted perception of her father’s life, she was unable to realize that confronting someone whose life had been destroyed by Rick was a bad idea.

Kelly hasn’t been home all night, and Gary (Mikey North) and Maria (Samia Longchambon) notice it tonight. When Aadi (Adam Hussain) reveals that Kelly went to see another of her father’s former clients, Gary becomes alarmed.

In another location, Keiran hands Kelly her phone and instructs her to text Gary to let him know she is okay.

Kelly composes the message on the spot with a tone that suggests her mother is still alive, and when Gary receives it, he immediately recognizes a problem.

Having informed Kelly that he wants the remaining funds from her father, Keiran uses her phone to call Gary and demand £50,000 from him in order to keep Kelly alive.

Will Gary, however, have enough money in time?

If not, could this be Kelly’s final appearance?

Mikey North recently spoke with us about the dynamics between Gary and Kelly changing:

Even his tone of voice has evolved to seem more fatherly as he gets to know her, which obviously puts their relationship in danger.

It constantly moves her one step closer to the truth, which makes for a really engaging game. They seem to be getting closer every day, in my opinion.

That can only intensify the events that will occur in the upcoming months.

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