Coronation Street spoilers: Kelly death horror, Stephen exposed and Hayley heartache

Next week, Kelly Neelan from Coronation Street (Millie Gibson) runs into difficulties even again.

She visits Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce), pretending to be speaking on behalf of a friend, and asks him if he has any sketchy relationships as she stews over Gary Windass’ (Mikey North).

Todd says it would be best for her to contact the police.

When Kelly is summoned to the station to identify her kidnapper, Craig presents her with some pictures, one of which is Kieron, but Kelly pretends she has never seen him before.

Outside the police station, Kelly approaches Kieron and makes him an offer of £10k to kill Gary since Craig is upset. Will he concur?

While booking their tickets to Bangkok, Kelly tells Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) that they are one-way tickets but forgets to mention this.

As their engagement celebration is happening, Kelly is filled with emotion in the café.

Gary says some kind words about Kelly and how much they appreciate having her as a member of their family when Rick shows up in Kelly’s thoughts.

Kelly informs Gary that she knows he killed her father and leaves the bistro with rage burning in her eyes.

When Gary chases her down, he is horrified to see her standing next to a van with Kieron.

Kelly assures Kieron he’ll get the rest of his money after Gary is dead as Gary is being knocked out and tossed into the vehicle.

Kelly, though, is left wondering what she did as the van rushes off.

Gary is led through the woods to the location of Rick’s murder, where Kieron and his sidekick Al tell him to dig his own grave while brandishing a gun.

Gary informs Aadi that Kelly is in danger and that they must find her phone and pursue her.

Kieron takes Kelly to the roof of a shuttered mill and explains his scheme to kill her and blame her for Gary’s death, making it appear as though it was a murder-suicide. Kelly loses color.

Gary and Aadi are shocked to discover Kelly on the roof after spotting Kieron’s van.

Kieron is about to toss Kelly off the roof when Gary emerges out of nowhere and orders Kieron to kill him instead.

Who has been shot as the gun fires?

Elsewhere, The Platts intend to leave while Leo Thompkins undertakes a thorough survey after a panicked David Platt says he believes the garden sinkhole is reopening.

Leo notices Stephen Reid’s uneasiness when Audrey Roberts recommends they all stay with her.

Leo admits to Jenny Connor that he thinks Stephen is very peculiar and seems to be concealing something.

Jenny hides her concern, but has Leo found out more than he thought?

Having paid for their spa day, Stephen checks that Audrey and Gail have left.

Leo questions why he’s lying as he claims to have enjoyed a night at a luxurious hotel.

After returning early from her spa day, Audrey shares that she discovered an estate agent’s valuer at her house, who informed her that Stephen had scheduled the visit.

Leo gets interested as Stephen is thrown.

Can Stephen convince himself to change his mind? And as the two men clash, will Leo divulge what he knows about Stephen?

Stephen prevents David from calling the police despite his threats.

Jenny follows Leo as he screams away, having a lot to explain! David questions Stephen about the reasons the valuer showed up at Audrey’s house and why he spent the night in his car.

Stephen’s heart sinks to see Gabrielle at the door when they are interrupted mid-row by a knock.

Will she come clean? Stephen is told by Leo that it is obvious that he is lying to his family and about his financial status, and that he plans to find out why.

Additionally, Bernie Winter (Jane Hazelgrove), who is in need of some additional money, convinces Nina Lucas (Molly Gallagher) to allow her to give Roy Cropper’s (David Neilson) apartment a thorough cleaning in time for his birthday.

Bernie offers they give the package of used clothing they found to a charity.

Nina doesn’t see the red anorak that belonged to Roy’s late wife Hayley in the box, though.

How will Roy respond when he realizes the anorak has vanished?

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