Coronation Street spoilers (July 11 to 15)

Next week on Coronation Street, lives are in danger as Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) tries to make up for the mistakes made by her murdered criminal father Rick.

But when she is out of her element, she quickly realizes that she has taken on more than she can handle, and before long, she is gone.

As the campaign against her intensifies, Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) is also targeted and she starts to worry that she is in grave danger.

And now that the wedding has passed, Fiz Stape is dealing with more complications than ever (Jennie McAlpine).

Monday July 11

Cash converter

A wad of cash spills out of Kelly’s bag as she sees Aadi leave the barbershop.

When a wad of cash spills out of Kelly’s bag, Aadi is shocked.

According to Kelly, the money belonged to her father, and she is attempting to give it back to the people he defrauded throughout the years.

She is urged by Aadi to ask Gary for guidance. Will she take notes?

Following the wedding, Fiz, Phill, and Tyrone manage their relationships. Has Fiz acted appropriately?

Sarah is delighted by Stephen’s business advise and tries to persuade Carla that they would be better off getting their silk from him. David is less than impressed with Stephen’s new role in the family.

Carla is unimpressed since she thinks working with family is never successful.

When Stephen informs Sarah that someone with her experience shouldn’t be following Carla’s directions, Sarah is left upset but also flattered.

Tim surprises Sally with a special birthday brunch, and he suggests they spend the day unwinding in the hot tub.

When Tim says he can feel something moving below while Sally and Tim are having fun in the hot tub, Sally thinks it’s the nicest birthday present she could ask for. Has their marriage recovered?

Stu walks up to Speed Daal and is shocked to see Stephen making out with Yasmeen. He makes the decision to be honest with her about drinking at work.

Wednesday July 13

Jimmy a break

Sensing Kelly offers to go with Maria to a lunch meeting because she is anxious about going alone.

When Jimmy approaches Maria and cautions her to avoid getting her nose into things she doesn’t comprehend, Maria is startled.

However, things quickly get worse when a scary man approaches and compliments her on her internet video. As she flees, she discovers that her phone is being traced.

A terrified Maria tells Gary that she believes she is being followed when he phones.

When Maria hears footsteps while desperately searching through her luggage for the tracking device, she panics and grabs a can of hairspray before turning around.

After discovering the tracking device in her suitcase, Maria calls the police and destroys it. The tracking device incident is reported to the police by Maria and Gary.

Maria closes the blinds because she thinks someone might be watching Gary, Kelly, and Liam as they eat their pizza.

Tyrone is asked by Phill for advise on how to let Fiz know how he really feels about her.

When Phill shows up outside Underworld with a boombox blasting and cards with the lyrics to Fiz’s favorite love songs, Fiz is shocked. However, to the entertainment of the factory girls, Phill muddles the cards.

Gail throws a family meal in the cafe to welcome Stephen home, but things quickly get out of hand when David and Sarah start fighting over Audrey’s money.

Stephen is humiliated as Audrey leaves because she is disgusted with the two of them.

Sarah turns to David for assistance since she is concerned about Audrey’s mental health.

Tim is advised by Sally to listen to Sting’s discussion about tantric sex since it might hold the key to a fulfilling romantic life.

Tim makes Sally a special dinner and tells her he’s feeling much better and thinks things will soon return to normal in the bedroom.

Aggie sets the rules and informs Ed that the dispute is resolved when he fixes Steve’s roof for a friend’s fee.

Ed and Paul are shown a picture of a shuttered tavern by Ronnie, who advises that the two of them buy it, demolish it, and build homes on the land. Does Aggie concur?

Friday July 15

What a Gary on

Kelly says she has located another of her Dad’s clients and is headed to repay them at the bus stop.

Kelly is appreciative of Aadi’s offer to accompany her and accepts his proposal of a later date at Speed Daal.

Kelly refuses to listen, informing Sharon that Gary is not her father, and Gary is enraged to learn what Kelly is up to.

Kelly walks out and knocks on a door by herself. She introduces herself as Rick Neelan’s daughter, delivers Ross an envelope filled with money, and says she is attempting to atone for her Dad’s misdeeds.

Ross tells his friend over the phone of Kelly’s arrival and inquires about her safety. While waiting at Speed Daal, Aadi becomes aware that he has been duped.

When Ed is abruptly electrocuted while working on a radiator at Debbie’s hotel, he is sent flying backward and lands unconscious. Ronnie tells Paul to call an ambulance out of panic.

Debbie discovers to her astonishment that Ray was known for cutting corners and that she has no idea when the last inspection was done.

Aggie berates Debbie for putting Ed’s life in jeopardy and informs her that their attorney would be contacting her.

Abi observes Wendy working on her laptop suspiciously at her home.

Wendy’s laptop is opened by Abi, who furiously reads the notes Wendy has written about her.

Abi admits to Wendy that she felt she was making progress with Alfie despite being clearly hurt.

Liam is ill, according to Maria, therefore she will be absent from work today. Craig informs her that Jimmy is accountable for sending harmful messages.

Jimmy approaches Maria as she exits the apartment and threatens to make sure she lives to regret talking to the police about him. Maria is anxious.

Sean expresses to Eileen his excitement about Dylan visiting and his hope that he and Frank will get along.

When Dylan enters the café, he believes George to be Sean’s lover.

Sean is dismayed when Frank declines an invitation to supper, claiming he wouldn’t want to interfere with Dylan’s first night.

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