Coronation Street spoilers: Jenny to leave for new life in Canada?

According to teasers for Coronation Street’s upcoming episode, Jenny is getting ready to say goodbye to The Rovers as Leo encourages her to look forward to moving to Canada.

The audience will be aware that Leo and Jenny are now engaged and that Leo has informed Jenny that they can travel to Canada while still maintaining control of the bar.

Is Jenny actually prepared to leave Weatherfield, despite her best efforts to appear upbeat about the change?

According to Coronation Street spoilers, will Jenny move to Canada to start a new life?

Jenny was observed moping about the end of her relationship with Leo last week.

She was staying at The Rovers while he left for Canada.

She started to flirt with Stephen in search of a comeback and invited him to the back of the bar.

Jenny and Stephen kissed unaware that he was taking advantage of her.

Gemma, who happened to walk in on them both, received the shock of her life.

Later, Leo asked Jenny to marry him, with Gemma promising to keep their relationship a secret.

She could still take the Rovers with her and relocate to Canada, he assured her.

Jenny agreed, but it’s also obvious that she can’t bear to leave her favorite tavern.

The following week, Jenny offers Glenda a position as a bartender at The Rovers because she wants a change.

Additionally, Daisy is pressuring her to offer Jenny the job of pub manager while she begins her new life with Leo.

Later, Stephen plays along and claims Glenda gave him the incorrect change, prompting Daisy to say she’d be a better fit to lead the business.

Leo is making a big deal out of the transfer to Canada, but Jenny is secretly unhappy about it even though she tries to appear cheerful.

Will Jenny actually carry out the move?

Can she leave the bar knowing Daisy has everything under control?

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