Coronation Street spoilers: James Bailey faces homophobic abuse and makes a decision

After going on a date with Danny Tomlinson, James Bailey (Nathan Graham) on Coronation Street will endure homophobic harassment (Dylan Brady).

Tommy Orpington is retiring, and James’ management wants to elevate him to take his position.

A handful of boys at the bar take photos while James and Danny catch up over lunch.

When Danny announces he’s been offered a position in France, James suggests they try again, but Danny declines when James acknowledges it’ll have to be a secret.

James is heartbroken, hoping he could be himself and live a free life.

James is terrified to find images of him and Danny on the internet, as well as disparaging remarks about his sexuality.

He goes to warn Danny, but he’s already on his way to the airport.

James is asked unpleasant questions about his personal life as he takes the podium at his promotion press conference.

James disguises himself in order to reveal the truth about his sexuality, but how will the media and the general public react?

Is it possible for James to live a free life?

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