Coronation Street spoilers: Hospitalised Jenny fears Glenda deliberately injured her

Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) in Crowning ordinance Road begins to contemplate whether there’s something else to Glenda Shuttleworth (Jodie Prenger) than her typical tomfoolery and bright point of view.

Getting subsided into her new position at the bar, Glenda seizes the opportunity of being test have and shows up for her shift cleaned up like a pro.

Annoyingly, for Glenda, she then, at that point, finds Jenny is feeling quite a bit improved in the fallout of Leo (Joe Ice) disappearing and chooses to have the test all things considered.

Be that as it may, when Jenny slips on Glenda’s recently wiped floor, Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) demands taking her to A&E, leaving a satisfied Glenda to snatch the mic and dominate.

Back home from the medical clinic, Jenny spends the remainder of the day resting her hyper-extended lower leg and is put on a mission to hear how fruitful Glenda’s test night was.

Dubious over the newbie, Jenny lets Daisy know that she accepts Glenda coordinated the whole occasion, yet did she?

We realize Glenda is generally up for a giggle and has so far just truly irritated Eileen (Sue Knife) because of the sheer difference in characters, yet is there actually a clouded side to the new face?

In the event that Jenny’s feelings are out of control because of Leo’s vanishing, maybe she is overthinking this occurrence?

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