Coronation Street SPOILERS: Harvey to return as legal eagle Sabeen takes on his appeal case?

The return of drug kingpin Harvey Gaskell is a source of anxiety for Leanne and Simon in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

With the help of hotshot lawyer Sabeen, the nasty criminal lord is heading to the appeal courts.

After evidence from Leanne and Sharon sent him down, Imran’s ex has consented to fight his case.

Sabeen managed to get killer Corey go Scot-free, so can she do the same for Harvey?

Spoilers for Coronation Street’s Sabeen and Imran

Sabeen is adamant about putting together a team that will give Harvey the best chance at freedom – and that includes Imran.

Despite their differences in the Seb Franklin murder case, Sabeen wants Imran to stand by her this time.

She intends to entice him with the hefty offer, despite the fact that he has a close relationship with Harvey’s arch-rival Leanne.

When Sabeen reveals the name of her new client and informs her that Harvey deserves in prison, Imran is shocked.

Sabeen, on the other hand, instead of dropping the lawsuit, increases the pressure.

Is it time to be honest with yourself?

Sabeen informs Imran that she knows what he was up to the night of Kelly’s verdict if he refuses her offer.

Imran is worried that if she doesn’t say anything, she’ll blackmail him.

Imran is compelled to be honest when Toyah discovers he went to a bar that night instead of his job.

He admits that he went to Sabeen’s house, but that nothing transpired between them – and he’s startled when his ex-wife supports him.

Sabeen, on the other hand, thinks Imran isn’t telling the truth because he left her residence in the middle of the night but didn’t return.

Sabeen uses her bargaining chip to convince Imran that unless he joins Harvey’s legal team, she’ll tell Toyah everything.

Will Imran go to any lengths to liberate the man who wants Toyah’s sister killed?

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