Coronation Street spoilers: Funeral shock for Eileen as Todd makes a big decision

On Coronation Street a few weeks ago, Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) learned that he had been shortlisted for the Young Funeral Director of the Year honour.

That does indeed exist.

Todd claimed to be unconcerned with the situation and only participated in order to receive a pay rise from Eileen (Sue Cleaver) and Glenda (Jodie Prenger), both of whom turned out to be lies.

On the day of the awards, Todd was sporting an ironed shirt and a sharp suit, which showed that he cared much more about what lay ahead than he had first indicated.

As George (Tony Maudsley), Todd’s supervisor and coworker, decided to throw away a card from Troy at RestEasy asking to speak with Todd about his profession, it became clear that George was feeling a little resentful of Todd’s success.

In following episodes, Todd discovers that card and tells Glenda about his predicament. Glenda advises him to request a pay hike.

As a result of George’s evasion, Todd calls Troy and requests a meeting.

Troy offers Todd a position at RestEasy with a salary of £30k plus a bonus as soon as their conversation begins.

The following week, an irate George informs Todd that their professional relationship is ended.

George refuses to bend and eventually tells his partner that he needs a replacement right away when Eileen steps in and advises him to put the past behind him and pay him a good compensation. Todd, who started working at RestEasy, believes she’d be fantastic!

What, though, will Eileen say?

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