Coronation Street spoilers for Monday April 17 2023: Justin pleads not guilty and Beth crosses a line

As Justin enters a not guilty plea in court, Monday night’s episode of Coronation Street puts the terrible acid attack back into sharp focus. Daisy was unable to attend the hearing, so Daniel was left in shock and had to inform Daisy of the situation.

Ryan (Ryan Prescott) and Alya (Sair Khan) are told the news, and Ryan admits he is terrified at the prospect of having to relive the entire ordeal in court. Ryan confesses his love for Alya when she promises him that she’ll be by his side, but how will she respond?

Daisy visits Ryan in the hospital with Crystal in the hopes that she will give him more confidence. Ryan thanks her and acknowledges that talking about gigs in Ibiza has helped him to focus.

Glenda realizes she has her work cut out for her as Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) convinces Roy (David Neilson) to go with her to her salsa class.

Roy clenches his chest halfway through the class and says, “I don’t feel well,” and quickly leaves.

After Evelyn reprimands Roy for leaving her in the middle of a lesson and Roy admits he felt sick but won’t expand, Evelyn storms out in a huff.

When Craig gives Jackson and Miley tickets to the Weatherfield Giants basketball game, Faye (Ellie Leach), who is waiting for them at the factory, is moved and urges them to go have fun.

Faye and Jackson exchange a thoughtful glance as they walk toward the tram stop with Miley. Later on, Miley receives a surprise when Craig gives her a basketball that has been autographed by her favorite player.

As Beth (Lisa George) agrees to go out for a drink with Marco, things between them are also getting hotter. He expresses his feelings to her by giving her a quick kiss as they flirt on the swings.

Elsewhere Todd Boyce (Todd Boyce) resists Elaine (Paula Wilcox)’s push to break the news of their engagement until they have settled into their new apartment.

Stephen readily accepts Michael’s notion that Rufus must have fallen into his swimming pool while intoxicated as he begins his new job as junior manager.

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