You are currently viewing Coronation Street SPOILERS: Fiz’s new man Phill exposed as a cheat by Tyrone?

Coronation Street SPOILERS: Fiz’s new man Phill exposed as a cheat by Tyrone?

Next week’s Coronation Street spoilers reveal Phill returns to the cobblestones to see Fiz.

Tyrone, who is jealous of their romance, makes a discovery.

Tyrone tries to show interest in Alina’s Romanian wedding plans in next week’s scenes, especially when he sees Fiz crying.

She informs him that a petition has been circulated to have Hope removed from school.

When Phill hears what’s happened, he phones Fiz to check how she’s doing. He recommends that they grab a bite to eat.

Tyrone confesses to Fiz on Coronation Street, according to teasers.

Tyrone’s jealously is palpable when Evelyn informs him that Phill has come to see Fiz and has taken her to the Bistro.

Tyrone can’t help himself and follows them to the bathroom, where he tells Phill how much he misses her and the girls.

Fiz listens in surprise as Tyrone tells how much he liked their kiss and how his engagement to Alina was an accident.

Tyrone later informs Alina that Fiz is considering moving away with the girls, and that he will be unable to accompany her to Romania at this time, leaving her upset.

Michael tells Alina at the workshop to be patient with Tyrone since his children always come first.

Tyrone feels horrible after Alina informs him that she has canceled their trip and realizes that his girls come first.

Fiz dials Tyrone’s number as Hope refuses to attend school. Tyrone can’t look Fiz in the eyes when Alina says she’ll be a firm but fair stepmum once they’re married.

Hope grabs the injured Teddy from her backpack after telling Alina she hates her for stealing her papa.

She admits to stealing it and apologizes for the fire.

Alina is shocked to learn that this isn’t the first time Hope has apologized for all the other fires she has sparked.

Tyrone and Alina had a falling out.

Tyrone confronts his guilt at home, and she scolds him for harboring secrets.

When Tyrone tells Alina that he wants to rekindle his relationship with Fiz, she is devastated.

Alina confides in Emma, telling her that Tyrone wishes to be with Fiz.

Meanwhile, Fiz has another meeting with Phill. She informs him about her and Tyrone’s kiss, as well as how it made her realize she no longer had feelings for him. Phill takes a deep breath and exhales a sigh of relief.

Alina assures a highly public humiliation by dumping her and Tyrone’s relationship picture at the garage with the word “lie” scribbled across Tyrone before hopping into a taxi to depart.

Tyrone must persuade Alina to stay while Fiz and Phill travel to the Bistro.

Tyrone rushes off to find Alina after learning she has yet to fly.

He asks her to reconsider after following her to a hotel. Alina makes out it’s over between them, will Tyrone accept this?

Tyrone makes a discovery about Phill?

Tyrone analyzes Phill’s car after he leaves it off at the mechanic, attempting to find something to discredit him.

He pocketed a napkin that had a woman’s phone number scrawled on it.

Tyrone arrives to care after the girls, but his jealousy is shown when Phill arrives for a glammed up Fiz.

Tyrone then confesses that he saw the napkin and is aware of Brigitte’s existence.

Brigitte, who is she? Will Phill be able to justify his actions?

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