Coronation Street spoilers: Fiz Stape gets terrible news

Fiz Stape worries about what the Gazette will say in tonight’s Coronation Street episode (8.00pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

A frazzled Fiz Stape calls Tyrone in the bar to inform him that a journalist has called and wants to run a piece about John Stape. She hangs up the phone and informs Tyrone that a book on John will be serialized in the newspaper. Tyrone believes Phill is responsible.

While Glenda has her eye on Daniel’s old room at the Rovers and Daisy is getting ready to move in with Daniel, Paul gives Dee Dee Daniel’s old room to Dee Dee.

Daniel and Daisy run into each other on the street while toting their material goods. In contrast to Daisy, who claims she believed they were moving into his home, Daniel admits that he mistakenly believed he was moving to the Rovers. Ken offers to put them up at No. 1 when they realize they have nowhere to reside. Tracy is furious.

Stephen is alarmed when Audrey and Sam suggest they visit Canada to view the Northern Lights and stay in one of his homes to save money. Stephen tries to ruin Gail’s intentions to go to Canada by persuading her that the weather is too severe and that they would be better off taking a cruise to Norway instead, which he will arrange.

Todd informs George that there is obviously something wrong with Eileen as she stumbles in carrying the groceries and reveals her intention to host a cook-up for the soup kitchen. George is compelled to be honest with Mary when she advises that she write about Eileen’s heavenly experience for The Inexplicable. How would Eileen respond when she learns what actually occurred and that supernatural intervention was not the cause?

Sam confides in Hope that it might be wise to tell Nick the truth since he is concerned that Harvey might send him a letter while he is away. Hope, however, is convinced that doing so would be wrong and that, in accordance with her gaming pal Mad Dog, you should never divulge any secrets to adults.

Spider meets with his supervisor and informs them of his desire to resign, but his boss is unreceptive.

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