Coronation Street spoilers: Fiz Stape comes to terms with her shock wedding decision as Tyrone and Phill circle her

Tyrone Dobbs acknowledged his continued love for FIZ Stape even as they were getting married to Phill Whittaker.

The machinist in Coronation Street will be deciding whether or not to accept her choice next week.

After some hesitation, primarily brought on by the revelation of a serious secret, Fiz Stape (played by soap opera great Jennie McAlpine) made the decision to accompany Phill Whittaker down the aisle (Jamie Kenna).

Days before to being able to, she confessed to her ex-boyfriend Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) that she still loved him but would never be able to trust him following his affair with Alina Pop.

In response, Tyrone knocked on her door and confessed his own affections for her, but Fiz was adamant about marrying Phill.

The three negotiates their post-wedding relationships by emerging from the cobbles.

Later, a concerned Phill asks Tyrone for advise on how to let Fiz know how he actually feels about her. Does Tyrone really give him the best guidance?

Fiz is astonished to discover Phill standing outside the Underworld factory with a boombox blasting and holding up cards with the lyrics to her favorite love songs.

His heart may be in the right place, but the cards are most definitely not on his side.

Phill’s cards are all mixed up, much to the amusement of the factory girls along with Fiz.

Tyrone admitted it, but Fiz still went through with being married to Phill.

The mechanic wasn’t the only ex, though, to cause Fiz and Phill problems.

Louise Marwood, a former Emmerdale cast member who plays Phill’s ex-wife Camilla, appeared on the cobblestones just days before their wedding.

Fiz felt forced to invite her to her hen party, but when Camilla admitted that she and Phill were still in love, the night descended into chaos.

The newcomer then revealed that Phill had written her heartfelt emails despite his efforts to reassure Fiz that he was confident he would marry her.

The emails were then attributed to Phill’s mother Mimi, who was already skating on thin ice as a result of her argument with Evelyn Plummer.

Will Fiz be content with her choice, though?

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