Coronation Street spoilers: First look for Sept 26-30

Leo is in danger as he encounters Stephen’s wrath, according to teasers for Coronation Street’s upcoming episode.

Will Leo call Stephen’s falsehoods out?

Dee-Dee Bailey shows up on the street somewhere else.

Bernie also aggravates Dev.

Corrie Street spoilers for the upcoming week include all of this and more.

1. Leo’s in danger

Leo wants to expose Stephen, so he talks to the valuer to find out what he’s up to.

Later, Leo makes the decision to confront Stephen about his lying after overhearing a conversation Gabrielle was having.

He admits to Stephen that he is aware of his scheme to rob Audrey of her money so that he can repay Gabrielle.

Leo threatens to tell Audrey everything as they ascend to the industrial balcony.

Will Stephen attempt to thwart him?

2. Leo goes missing

Jenny calls Leo’s phone and informs Daisy that he is not at home for the evening.

Jenny is led to believe that he has changed his mind about being with her when the call goes to voicemail.

She believes he left for Canada alone.

Teddy, Leo’s father, arrives at the Rovers later and is surprised to discover Jenny not in Canada.

He is pleased that his son abandoned Jenny after coming to his senses.

Has he actually left her behind and traveled to Canada?

3. Dee-Dee Bailey arrives

Dee-Dee Bailey, the sister of James and Michael Bailey, walks onto the pavement after having lived in America.

She arrives to save the day for James, who is devastated and fears he may never play football again.

Dee-Dee utilizes her abilities as a lawyer to try to negotiate a better deal for James after he shows her a letter from Weathy County threatening to pay him off.

Can she assist her brother?

4. Lily resurrects James’ dreams

When James tells Debbie he merely wants the job to get his family off of his back during a job interview at the Bistro, Debbie is not happy.

Lily reveals to James afterwards that he assisted her in joining the football team.

Has Lily persuaded him that there is yet hope?

5. Bernie needs cash

Dev fires Bernie for accidently breaking Aadi’s first golf trophy, though he later concedes that he reacted too harshly.

She phones Fern to see if she can help because she needs a job right away.

Later, Paul is surprised to see Bernie dressed in Fern’s attire for a “job interview.”

Has she considered a means to bring in the money?

6. Evelyn takes a break

When Joy micromanages Evelyn during her shift at the charity shop, Evelyn is not pleased.

She makes the decision to take a break and travel to Cornwall for a few days.

What will Joy consider?

7. Alya confronts Bridget

Dee-Dee accepts Stu’s case and invites Alya to discuss Charlie’s murderous night with Bridget.

Bridget, meanwhile, has only reiterated Lucy’s assertion while threatening to contact the police.

What is she concealing?

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