Coronation Street spoilers: Fire horror revealed for Aaron and Summer

In Coronation Street, Aaron Sandford (James Craven) soon learns that his alcoholic and violent father has perished in a house fire, adding to his already difficult situation at home.

We’ve been aware for a time that Aaron and his father don’t have a good connection. Eric occasionally snaps after drinking too much, he said to Summer (Harriet Bibby), but Aaron’s frequent injuries suggest he does so more frequently.

On this particular Friday, Eric travels to Weatherfield for the first time, seizes his son, and threatens him over the taken money and marijuana.

Later, Aaron visits Summer again and confesses that his father was waiting and attacked him as soon as he entered the house.

Aaron is still having problems since Paul (Peter Ash) thinks the narcotics belong to him and accuses him of misguiding Summer.

The following week, Aaron receives a ton of texts from his father, which makes Summer think he shouldn’t go back there.

When Todd (Gareth Pierce) and Billy (Daniel Brocklebank) leave to check on Eric, they come back and reveal that he was extremely intoxicated and irate.

Aaron learns that his father is now in the hospital following a house fire during a police visit.

Eric eventually awakens after Aaron runs over to see him, but he tears Aaron’s heart by saying he wishes he hadn’t.

Is there anyone who can assist Aaron in getting away from his father while his ordeal continues?

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